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i just got out of a meeting with the professor running my thematic minor field. and the news is not good. i am behind in my readings, which he made clear several times. i also don’t know the general history of the period well enough to give clear examples. and, for the next meeting two […]

the report…


after a slow 30 minutes, the black donnellys really picked up. suddenly things got real compelling real quick. it’s just the pilot so things can go downhill fast but it was a good opening episode. kinda quirky, kinda funky, and then getting downright serious. it has promise tonight is the second boy’s night of american […]

black donnellys


i love tv more than most people and what i love most is the one-hour drama. now i never watched the west wing (was in high school when it started and i didn’t watch any tv in high school and never got into it in college or after). but everybody’s raves about the west wing […]

I watched the oscars tonight with a friend instead of doing work. I feel a little guilty since I didn’t get enough work done today but hey, it happens once a year and it’s a big deal. I did the right thing. I’ll make up for it tomorrow morning. The oscars were pretty good this […]

why exams suck


I know generals/comps/prelims/qualifying exams suck for everyone. They are a necessary hoop to jump through and they are supposed to finally get you really familiar with your field. So I’m not trying to say that mine are worse than anybody else’s. But this is why I’m stressed. I do imperial history, which means, at least […]

lazy saturday


funny enough, i didn’t get nearly enough work done today. procrastinating by starting a blog will tend to do that to you. whatever, i read one book (still have to finish the notes on that) and picked up another (which does not mean that I read anything of this other book). now i’m off to […]



So I don’t really know who all is going to read this…other than the few friends that I’ve told about this but hello everybody who might stumble into this blog. This is my first ever blog; I’ve always been opposed to blogs for myself (privacy issues and stuff) but since I read blogs all the […]