So I don’t really know who all is going to read this…other than the few friends that I’ve told about this but hello everybody who might stumble into this blog. This is my first ever blog; I’ve always been opposed to blogs for myself (privacy issues and stuff) but since I read blogs all the time, I think it’s about time I actually had one. As for the privacy stuff, well I’m just going to be anonymous; as a graduate student hoping to be on the job market in the next several years, it’s probably best, anyway. I’m calling myself thefrogprincess; the name comes from one of my favorite bands, keane. The last song on their latest album is called “The Frog Prince” but since i’m a woman, that posed a slight problem. Anyway, I’m a 20-something graduate student in the history department at Major Research University (MRU) in the Mid-Atlantic. I graduated from another Major Research University in the South that I think I’ll call More Fun Research University (MFRU). I am in my 2nd year and am currently in my general exams semester. In fact, these exams are the reason I have started this blog: reading over two hundred books this semester is driving me a little crazy and I need to channel some of this stress into something other than my similarly stressed-out graduate student friends reading over two hundred books this semester. anyway, we’ll see how this turns out.


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