black donnellys


i love tv more than most people and what i love most is the one-hour drama. now i never watched the west wing (was in high school when it started and i didn’t watch any tv in high school and never got into it in college or after). but everybody’s raves about the west wing inspired me to watch aaron sorkin’s latest project, studio 60 on the sunset strip. I should say that I am a loyal TV viewer and rarely do I give up on something that I have gotten into. I watched virtually every episode of studio 60 probably up until december when it went to fall finale (which i hate) and i really wanted to love it. and i defended it to all my friends who had long since stopped watching. But ever since I got back from christmas vacation, studio 60 has been staying longer and longer in my playlist on my TIVO. prison break and even girlfriends were higher priorities. and then two weeks ago, i just erased it without watching. so tonight, the black donnellys takes studio 60’s place (supposedly temporarily) and i am not even remotely sad that studio 60 might not make it to the end of the season. and i’m oh so excited about the black donnellys. please NBC, don’t let me down again.


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