the report…


after a slow 30 minutes, the black donnellys really picked up. suddenly things got real compelling real quick. it’s just the pilot so things can go downhill fast but it was a good opening episode. kinda quirky, kinda funky, and then getting downright serious. it has promise

tonight is the second boy’s night of american idol and i’m not excited. as everybody in america knows, the girls are way better than the guys. it’s been a while since i’ve watched a season of american idol all the way through (thank you tivo for allowing me the opportunity to do so now!) so i was unaware of the required 6 guys – 6 girls split. i am not a fan since i can really think of only three guys that i want to see again: blake and the two chris-es. but maybe last week shook them up and maybe they’ll be fabulous tonight. in fact, if the majority of them could sing songs that came out in the 1990s, i’ll be more than happy.


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