so i’m in the homestretch now. i’m completely exhausted and on the verge of not caring but i still really care. something occurred to me today: i was talking to someone who spent the weekend with a friend who isn’t in graduate school. the friend couldn’t understand why my friend was so stressed about these exams. i’ve had to deal with that with my friends too and the thing is, the reason why i am so stressed is because this isn’t an assignment that can be completed, at least not the way exams are run here with only 3 months to study (less than that if you are the least bit off your game). you can’t actually get through your list and there’s no sense of accomplishment. you just manage to get through as much of the stuff as you can and hope that what you’ve chosen to get through is enough. that’s what’s scary about it is that you are going into the exam knowing that you haven’t done everything that you should have done and you have to hope that it’s enough.


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