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a good day


Today was a good day of research. I’m doing preliminary research right now in just one of the archives, which to me means that I am trying to get a sense of how much there is that I have to work through as well as seeing what some of the issues are for my specific […]

work habits


I am such a lazy bum. I went straight from undergrad to graduate school and I still behave as though I am an undergrad in terms of my hours. This of course causes many problems. The first issue is that I am NOT a morning person. I probably never will be, but while I don’t […]

today I took the day off because i am exhausted due to three days this week going into central london and coming back to zone four kinda late. but i am using the time wisely by finally getting this blog together: things i am doing include beefing up my blogroll, making it easy to contact […]

I was on the tube the other day, coming home, around 10 PM. Two guys got on the train, both of them probably between 18 and 22 years of age. They sat two seats away from me and began talking loudly about things that men their age (only slightly younger than me) talk about: sex […]



what’s a staple feature of the research trip? sketchy access to wireless internet. things are going well enough…i’ve realized just how massive my project is which both takes the pressure off me for this one trip (nothing I do during this six weeks will make a huge dent in the dissertation) but also means that […]

I had coffee yesterday with a graduate student in the English department at my university. Her project has involved some archival work and so she talked with some of the history faculty about applying for a fellowship tailored to the social sciences. Some of the professors that she talked with expressed some surprise that she […]

in london


so I’m in London to do some preliminary research. In the two months since I passed exams, I have (barely) written two term papers and a dissertation prospectus and my advisor has given an okay to the general topic, although giving many helpful comments as well. So now I’m here to do some beginning research. […]