are you serious?


I was on the tube the other day, coming home, around 10 PM. Two guys got on the train, both of them probably between 18 and 22 years of age. They sat two seats away from me and began talking loudly about things that men their age (only slightly younger than me) talk about: sex and girls. And at one point, the conversation got a little graphic and vulgar. I personally didn’t mind b/c I rarely get offended but I was a little taken aback by the fact that this conversation wasn’t taking place in a pub or bar but on the train with people in earshot. I also got a sense that they may have been trying to see if I was going to have a violent reaction, if I was going to be that feminist girl shocked at how crude they could be. I wasn’t; I didn’t really care and found it hysterical actually. I’ve spent enough time hanging out with guys in high school and college to be shocked by these kinds of things.

What did get me going though was their next comment: the two guys look down the length of the train and say, “Are those loud Americans still on the train?” and they proceed to talk about how loud and tacky Americans are and how they should just go back home. First, the only loud people on the train were them and I’m not convinced this “pack of loud Americans” ever existed. But seriously, where do they get off being on a high horse about the virtues of tact and propriety when they just spent five minutes talking about having sex with some girl in her mother’s living room? Are you serious? We may be loud (although I think that’s an overrated claim, particularly in the UK) but I’ll take that criticism from some old English woman, not from somebody who’s spewing bar talk in a public area.

I’m just saying.


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