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I’m beginning to write a very short dissertation prospectus for a workshop in a few weeks (about 1-2 pages) and I’m completely stuck on what the concept of my dissertation is. I know all the various strands that I am interested in and I can bring them all together in a very broad way but […]

Gordon Ramsay on the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares:  “and if a chef loses an order, it’s like an air traffic controller losing a plane.” i don’t think i even need to say anything to that…



how is it that i’ve passed exams and have been cleared to write a dissertation and i’m still reading at a snail’s pace?  why have i just spent three hours today plodding through seventy-five pages of reading for my first discussion sections on tuesday?  is that normal?

It’s one of my favorite times of year:  the beginning of a new fall television season.  So accordingly, over the next few weeks, I’ll be giving a spoiler-free rundown of the television that I’m watching and my thoughts, both new and old shows.  These may come in a peculiar order but I’m backed up on […]

Since I’ve taken on the responsibilities of running the Carnival of GRADual Progress, I subscribed to google reader as a way to keep up with all the posts I needed for the carnival, as well as all the other stuff that I read. I’ve convinced myself that google reader will save me time because I’m […]

So I’m back from London and I’ve been thrown straight into the fire. TAing is starting soon; I have a dissertation prospectus to rewrite quickly, reading to do, research trips to two countries to plan, and a room full of suitcases from storage to unpack and clear up. So things are busy. I still don’t […]

yesterday i moved out of the place that i’ve been staying for the past six weeks. usually when i move out of a place that i’ve lived for more than a few days, i get a little nostalgic, and tuesday night was no different. the rent was frankly amazing for london and i had a […]