i want a summer vacay!!


As many people comment, summer for academics isn’t a vacation just because the spring semester’s over. Summer is the time that we all say we’re doing our projects, using the time away from courses to write and research. In fact, any break away from courses seems to be the time to crank out conference papers, articles, and other bits of research. And graduate school starts the process of socializing graduate students into this schedule.

To that effect, the two summers of graduate school so far (and the summer before graduate school) I have crammed full with language courses, research trips, paper writing, and everything but having a few weeks completely off. And after I passed my exams, I took a week off but I didn’t have the money to leave town and go off and have fun somewhere. So for over two years now, my mind has had no break from school and no break is coming any time soon. As much as I love coming to London, it has not been a break in any sense of the word. I’ve been working pretty hard and I haven’t had enough money to leave town (or country). It’s frustrating and it does affect my work because I never feel fresh.

All I want is a few weeks of guilt-free relaxation in a place other than my university, my research locations, and quite frankly where i grew up. Is that too much to ask?


3 Responses to “i want a summer vacay!!”

  1. Be careful what you wish for. After years of grad experiene very similar to what you describe, I discovered to my horror that any ‘vacay’ tended to become a period of illness. It seems my body held all the problems until the first sign of let-up, and then I’d get really sick. For days.

    And that was a common experience for fellow grad students. Yikes.

  2. 2 whitheramp

    do you have a whole lot to do this fall besides TAing (not that TAing is any small deal, but I mean to you have anything official other than that to do before leaving for fieldwork)? maybe you could take a real fall break vacation!

    i think i might go to these two conferences in California in November that are like a week and a half apart, and spend the downtime vacationing in Santa Barbara. hopefully. if i can get funds . . .

  3. 3 thefrogprincess

    that was exactly the plan, hopefully to go to miami over fall break with a friend to visit another friend. but there is a conference the last half of fall break that I absolutely cannot miss. so it’s unclear when a true break (and not just winter holidays) is coming.

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