why i love the fall


Actually fall’s my favorite season so there are many reasons why I love fall but for now, the reason I love fall is because september is the start of the new TV season.

I am a self-proclaimed, unashamed tv whore. I love it all, sports (except baseball), reality (but mainly bravo shows and so you think you can dance), comedy when done extremely well, but most of all, drama.

In fact, I am pretty sure my friends are disgusted by the amount of television I watch. Sometimes I’m a little concerned. It doesn’t really affect my work per se. My first year of graduate school I missed so many of my favorite programs because I was in the library reading and writing. And when I say favorite programs, I mean LOST and ALIAS. Luckily for me, that was the beginning of TV shows on iTunes and the brilliant innovation of networks putting up their shows on their own websites. So I was able to watch those two shows. Last year, I invested in a Tivo, which meant I could work as long as I needed to and still watch all the shows I wanted (in less time too). Granted, it meant I went to bed even later and my weekends weren’t hugely productive since I was busy catching up on television.

At the beginning of the fall tv season, I always stock up on my favorite entertainment magazines as my guides to the new tv season. What shows look good? What shows am I going to take a chance on? Now that I have tivo, what two shows am I going to tape during any one time period and, more importantly, what am I not going to watch? Last year, I missed Ugly Betty until mid-season because I had chosen to watch something else. Now I love Ugly Betty. Of course my options will thin out quickly. Last year, smith, kidnapped, and the nine all ended much too soon and six degrees got a second chance that ended all too quickly. Some things that I watch just won’t be good (studio 60 on the sunset strip, anyone?)

This year, I don’t get back to the United States until mid-September at which point some shows will have already started and the big premieres will happen within days of my arrival. So I’m at a bit of a handicap b/c I have no idea what I should be watching. Pushing Daisies has gotten probably some of the best rave reviews I’ve seen in a while and I’ll be watching Bionic Woman solely because the lead actress was a major character in my favorite British soap opera EastEnders. But other than that, I’m clueless.

So tell me, what will those of you who watch television be watching this fall? Any recommendations?


5 Responses to “why i love the fall”

  1. I love tv too…. but we cancelled cable to save money and rabbit ears do nothing in our house. I will watch Lost and Ugly Betty free online and will pay for Scrubs and The Office via iTunes (if they keep doing that). If I had tv I’d check out Bionic Woman, Kid Nation, and Cane (something about the inner family workings of a rum empire seems fantastic!).

  2. 2 whitheramp

    oh, i so want to see the new series by the makers of the OC; i forget what it’s called, but it’s full of hot teen angst.

  3. 3 thefrogprincess

    whitheramp, would that be gossip girl?

    dancing fish, i had forgotten about cane. i’m totally there with you, rum will do it for me every time.

  4. 4 whitheramp

    yes! i think that’s it! looks fantastic. not that i’ll have time to watch until november.

  5. I’m just stoked for Private Practice. I’m a huge Grey’s fan, so I hope the spin-off fulfills all the hype.

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