craziness ahead!


I am worn out but as always I don’t have time to be tired. I have just one week left for research before I fly back to MRU two days before classes start. I don’t have discussion sections until the week of the 24th but I have to drive home the weekend before to get my car inspected. In between flying and driving, I am moving into the same room I lived in last year, clearing out a storage unit, going to two lectures, meeting with the advisor/teacher of the course I’m TAing for about teaching and my dissertation (no pressure there), moving carrels in the library, etc., etc.

How do I get myself mentally fresh when the next three weeks will be anything but relaxing?


4 Responses to “craziness ahead!”

  1. 1 whitheramp

    did you register for the ta training already, too?

    man-sandle alert: threat level EXTREMELY HIGH

  2. 2 sleeplessinthe3rdworld

    lol @ witheramp.

    frogprincess! how about this: you stop working next week, at all. you are not going to get all that much done in a week anywa; the stuff will still be there, and you need to prepare mentally for a fresh start. suggestions: museums, coffees, parks, walks, chats, discovering little parts of london you have not been to before. please royal frog, i am in the middle of the third world with no power and am managing to keep sane. you’re in london: go out now.

  3. 3 thefrogprincess

    is that who i think it is?

    and how are you staying sane if you’re sleepless?

  4. Sanity? Seems I vaguely recall the concept. Highly over-rated. But I’m with sleepless; take the time NOW. You’re in London, which you love. Take long walks in the parks. Revel in the quiet and peace of your spaces. Give yourself an hour a day in your favorite room in your favorite museums. The BM has always been in the top three of my favorite museums, and I rarely managed to get out of the Assyrian rooms. This last time, I discovered (to my extreme delight) a room that had Art Nouveau/Deco ceramics. I was entranced, and just staying in there, wallowing in that lovely display gave me a new surge of energy.

    Try to sleep. Be nice to yourself. Coffee, sleep, parks: make mental deposits of quiet pleasures.

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