i’m off the animal farm!


yesterday i moved out of the place that i’ve been staying for the past six weeks. usually when i move out of a place that i’ve lived for more than a few days, i get a little nostalgic, and tuesday night was no different. the rent was frankly amazing for london and i had a microwave/convection oven, a decent size fridge, and two hotplates so I could actually prepare some basic meals. it would have been the best deal i’ve found if it wasn’t basically a petting zoo inside with her four (sometimes five) dogs, the peacock (yes, i said peacock), and the parrot. but i probably could have handled all of that if it hadn’t been for a serious infestation of spiders. i don’t mean daddy long legs or small spiders. i mean spiders that are about three inches long (and more) with legs, spiders where you aren’t sure your shoe will do the trick. i killed probably one every four to five days. it was a little more than i can handle. the room i was staying in was in this woman’s basement; even though the room wasn’t completely underground, basements and cellars tend to have all manner of creatures in them so i’m not sure what all the woman could have done. but tuesday night i was in my nostalgic spell, thinking about how it wasn’t that bad and maybe i could stay there again for a shorter period of time, when the final spider of my stay crawled up the wall by my bed. so nostalgia left as i pushed my bed back to kill it with my boot.

the animal farm is a thing of my past!


One Response to “i’m off the animal farm!”

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