resolution to craziness


so everybody who commented agreed that i should take the week off. but of course, in typical academic form, i couldn’t allow myself to not work. so i went to the archives on monday but mentally i had checked out. luckily, i quickly came to the end of the list of things i wanted to look at and i had decided to go into the archives very quickly today to finish up typing one document and to have lunch with friends.

minutes before i was going to step out of the door of my friend’s fab apartment (more on that later), the door rang and a telephone/internet/cable company workman was outside waiting to be buzzed in. my friend, who was at work, had no idea that this person was coming and so i waited around (even though i could have just left). it took forever and there were still problems but the workman was really cute and sweet.

so not going to the archives today or tomorrow and i fly home on saturday. so, in a very untypical fashion for an academic, i’m leaving the country mid-document. but chatting with a cute man for two hours is totally worth it, no?


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