google reader, anyone?


Since I’ve taken on the responsibilities of running the Carnival of GRADual Progress, I subscribed to google reader as a way to keep up with all the posts I needed for the carnival, as well as all the other stuff that I read. I’ve convinced myself that google reader will save me time because I’m not struggling to remember the several dozen blogs on pop culture, sports, fashion, books, and academia that I love to read and I’m not wasting precious work time typing them all in. But at the same time, something about 1000+ posts, mostly a product of the fact that I’ve just subscribed to a million blogs, doesn’t seem to be conducive to moving through things quickly. So I’m devoting much of this afternoon at home to getting through these posts. So if I’m responding to a post you’ve written ten days ago, sorry for being lame. I’m just now getting to it after weeks of spotty internet in London.

Speaking of home, I drove home yesterday which involves six hours of fairly easy driving down the east coast. Fairly easy but pretty damn boring, so I pulled out some of my favorite CDs to listen to. (I love it that I can listen to CDs in my car now. Last year my father bought me a newer but still used jetta to replace my much-beloved but really too old car that had just a tape deck. I’m still giddy about listening to CDs). The two highlights music-wise were the albums “Laundry Service” by Shakira and “The Writing’s On the Wall” by Destiny’s Child. This CD from Destiny’s Child is the classic one in my opinion, with such greats as “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Say My Name.” But in college a friend of mine opened my eyes to the ridiculousness that is “Bugaboo” and so that’s what I would recommend from that CD. Nothing says Destiny’s Child like the following lyrics: “You make me wanna throw my pager out the window/Tell MCI to cut the phone poles/Break my lease so I can move/Cuz you a bug a boo, a bug a boo.” Priceless.

As for Shakira, we’ve all heard the songs on that album that made it big on the radio but, for my money, one of the best Shakira songs is “Ojos Así,” otherwise known as “Eyes Like Yours” but the spanish version is worth hunting for.  “Ojos Así” is one of the few songs where the Arabic influences come through in the music itself and not just in her constant bellydancing.  Highly recommended.


One Response to “google reader, anyone?”

  1. 1 Catrala

    I’m totally with you re: the fabulousness of “Ojos Asi.” I admit to a shameful love of Shakira – have you heard her Unplugged album? It’s interesting… there’s also a version of Ojos Asi on it.

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