I’m beginning to write a very short dissertation prospectus for a workshop in a few weeks (about 1-2 pages) and I’m completely stuck on what the concept of my dissertation is. I know all the various strands that I am interested in and I can bring them all together in a very broad way but there’s no overarching concept to it. Yeah, scholars haven’t done this particular kind of analysis for the region and the time period (although there’s a study by one historian for another country in the region and the time period right after mine) but that’s not a concept. I cant seem to come up with the big picture of my project and what makes it a unique and important analytical contribution, rather than just another addition. My advisor really values the unique analytical contribution and I feel like I need to figure out what I think that contribution/concept will be before I embark on the research.


One Response to “stuck”

  1. I had a very similar problem with my dissertation proposal. That was probably the hardest part of the whole thing!
    Good luck with the thinking!

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