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I promised a second installment of my review of the new season so it’s high time I deliver.  I’m surprisingly disappointed with this season’s offerings.  The new stuff, for the most part, just isn’t that good. I do recommend watching a few episodes of Private Practice.  It isn’t sensational and it isn’t nearly as good […]



so i signed up for a temporary job today at the new bookstore opening up near campus. starting monday, i’ll be spending several hours over the next two weeks cataloging books and stocking shelves. i’m doing it b/c i need some extra cash to soften the blow of some unexpected heavy expenses over the next […]

it’s been a while since i’ve blogged, for a few reasons.  the past few weeks have been a bit difficult for me personally and i don’t want this blog to be a chronicle of my personal problems, so i’ve had little to say.  but also i am hitting that mid-semester haze where i’m just trying […]



I’m reaching a new level of procrastination today.  I have a short dissertation prospectus (1-2 single-spaced pages) to write for a workshop that I’ll be attending in two weeks.  What I send to the workshop won’t be the final version that I submit to my department and what I’m trying to write in the next […]

Hello everyone!! Welcome to the thirteenth Carnival of GRADual Progress! As many of you know, I’ve taken over running the carnival now that styleygeek is reaching the end of her graduate program. So congratulations to her for nearing the end and many thanks for running this over the past year or so. The start of […]