I’m reaching a new level of procrastination today.  I have a short dissertation prospectus (1-2 single-spaced pages) to write for a workshop that I’ll be attending in two weeks.  What I send to the workshop won’t be the final version that I submit to my department and what I’m trying to write in the next few days will just be a draft of what I send to the workshop.  And I’ve already presented a version of a prospectus to my cohort over the summer so I’ve already stared the beast in the face and I have sixteen pages plus six weeks of research worth of usable material.  But I just don’t feel like doing it so instead I’m going to put off the work by reading some secondary literature.  I never procrastinate by doing more academic work.  I usually put off my own work by reading magazines, watching television, talking to people, sometimes by cleaning, never by doing more academic work.  I’ve reached a new and dangerous level of procrastination where I actually feel good about what I’m doing to avoid what I should be doing.


2 Responses to “procrastination”

  1. 1 whitheramp

    that’s terrible — i’ll help you overcome this shame once i’m over generals . . .

  2. I have been in this danger area – its noooo good for me. I could live there.

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