so i signed up for a temporary job today at the new bookstore opening up near campus. starting monday, i’ll be spending several hours over the next two weeks cataloging books and stocking shelves. i’m doing it b/c i need some extra cash to soften the blow of some unexpected heavy expenses over the next few months and this job could turn itself into a more long-term part-time job. but at the same time i’m apprehensive. ideally, filling my days will give me more structure and force me more into a deadline mode, which i generally thrive under. it’s no surprise that, in any given week, i get the most work done the day before teaching. so if i have fewer hours to spend aimlessly in the library, maybe i’ll use what few hours i have more efficiently. but working over ten hours a week also worries me. i’m pretty tired as is; is it wise to take on more work? i’m getting decent amounts of work done but, given that i intend to leave the country in february for the better part of eighteen months, i should be getting more done while i have the resources of my university at my disposal. i’ll see how it goes: at the very least, i’ll get some decent bookshop experience, which could be useful if i decide to go into publishing after i get the PhD.


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