obviously, it’s been a while since i’ve posted. mainly i haven’t posted because i’ve been entangled in a personal situation that i’ve chosen not to talk about here. never fear, it was a good situation, while it lasted. but now i’m back to my life as just a graduate student which, i guess, means i should be back to blogging.

teaching has been an interesting challenge that i think i’m handling pretty well at the moment. i gave my students midterm evaluations and they seem to be pleased with the way i run discussion sections, for the most part. now i’ve been warned by some colleagues that good midterm evaluations (even when anonymous, which mine were) don’t always translate to good official evaluations at the end of term. but it was still very useful for me to see that sections are generally going well and I am taking seriously the suggestions that I received. The biggest complaint was that we don’t have enough actual discussion. So I made a deal with both classes: we can skip the last response paper that I was going to have them do (the professor in charge of this course hasn’t dictated exactly what we have our students do; some TAs do presentations, some do Blackboard, I’ve done a few response papers) if they come to class ready to have a discussion with each other. To that end, I told them to stop raising their hands and to take active responsibility for how discussion goes. Both classes were excited about the prospects of not doing another response paper so we’ll see how it goes.

The dissertation has taken a bit of a back seat, although now i’m working on yet another rewrite of the prospectus to give to the advisor, who is a little unaware of the new-ish direction my work has taken. (It’s not so much a new direction as it is a more precise angle that I’ve taken but one that has some different implications than the previous incarnations of the prospectus.) I need to get a copy to the advisor (and my temporary first reader) soon since the deadline for prospectus submission is fast approaching. But I really want to be moving on the dissertation itself and not just the prospectus. Unfortunately, I think I’m suffering from a kind of senioritis, where the fact that I’m leaving the institution in a few months for well over a year of research has disabled my motivation to work. The post-personal-situation effects also haven’t helped the work drive.

Finally, if you’re not watching the new season of Project Runway, you need to be. It started last night and there are some unbelievable personalities this season and, by the looks of things, some questionable judges’ decisions coming.


3 Responses to “hmmm”

  1. 1 whitheramp

    i liked the heavier guy and the former model. i’m sure i’m going to be able to stand the guy who got 2nd place, though. that hair . . . no.

    and the israeli guy who won was good, but i hope he’s not another uli (though i admit i loved her) who makes the same dress week after week.

  2. 2 thefrogprincess

    see i loved the israeli guy’s dress but I kinda saw him as another lakisha from american idol where this first piece is something he’s been doing forever and is amazing but once he has to make a costume for a plus-size woman or make a scarf out of cardboard, he’s not going to be able to deliver the same quality standard each week.

  3. 3 whitheramp

    wow — going for the cross-show comparison! impressive. will you be in town this weekend? i get back sat morning.

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