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Happy Leap Day! It’s been a crazy week. All attempts to be productive were thwarted by personal and professional chaos. Actually both situations can’t be discussed in great detail because it’s best that I be discrete about them to some degree. The professional matter first: I’m a month from leaving the country for a year […]



The most difficult thing about the third year of graduate school is trying to transition into the more adult work schedule required to write a dissertation.  My work habits during the coursework phase of the program were chaotic but somehow focused.  Work was more focused because all I had to do was look at the […]

tv’s back


Somehow I never managed to write about the tv strike so now that it’s over, it’s as good a time as any to say a few words.   I’m actually surprised by how little the strike affected me.  Of course, most of my standard shows disappeared.  But I realized that most of these shows I didn’t […]

I stand by what I said yesterday about Idol.  It applied again tonight.  Does anybody doubt that Asia’h wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining if she had sung a slow song???  Peppy songs cover subpar vocals almost every time.

I love TV and I have a love/hate relationship with American Idol.  It’s fascinating TV even if it does monopolize my television life for five months.  But here’s my problem:  it’s the round of 24 and we’re subjected to three nights a week.  That’s a lot of singing!  Even though I have a good memory […]

Welcome to the February edition of the Gradual Progress Carnival. By now, even the slowest universities are well into the second semester (or quarter) of the year, which often means that many graduate students are in the thick of work, teaching, deadlines, and defenses. As a result, there’s been a lot of blog talk about […]



Now that I have even less motivation to do work these next two months (months that I had not expected to be in town), I need to get onto some sort of work regimen to make some progress on the dissertation.  So I’m setting the goal of waking up at 9 each morning except weekends […]