American Idol, part 1


I love TV and I have a love/hate relationship with American Idol.  It’s fascinating TV even if it does monopolize my television life for five months.  But here’s my problem:  it’s the round of 24 and we’re subjected to three nights a week.  That’s a lot of singing!  Even though I have a good memory for names and faces, there are too many people for me to recall easily each person’s performance so all I remember are the people whose performances were good and entertaining!  It’s season 7 so I know most of these contestants are familiar with this stage of the competition.  So it’s beyond me why these contestants insist on singing slow songs.  It’s not a good idea:  we don’t know these contestants and our first impression of them is important (particularly the ones who haven’t gotten any screen time before the top 24).  So maybe they shouldn’t allow our first impression of them to be a slow song that makes them look lackluster and often makes their voices sound weak and thin.  It’s also not good for them:  I’m sure most of these contestants are nervous and it’ll take them a few weeks of coaching and practice to get some good singing habits in place.  So why don’t they help themselves (and us) by singing a uptempo song that might give them some pep and energy?


3 Responses to “American Idol, part 1”

  1. every time they bust out into a slow song, I wonder this. You’ve seen this show before, WHEN has a drippy ballad ever been a good idea?? What makes you think you’re different??

  2. 2 thefrogprincess

    if only some of these contestants had “bust out” into a slow song…for my money, most of them ambled into these disasters.

  3. fair enough. 🙂

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