tv’s back


Somehow I never managed to write about the tv strike so now that it’s over, it’s as good a time as any to say a few words.   I’m actually surprised by how little the strike affected me.  Of course, most of my standard shows disappeared.  But I realized that most of these shows I didn’t actually love.  They were interesting enough and I’ll watch them when they return (actually I won’t but I’ll get to that in a minute).*  But when it came to shows that I truly missed:  only a handful.  I only felt the loss of a handful of shows in part because one of them, Friday Night Lights, had so many episodes for so long.  It’s difficult to mope when each week you can depend on that kind of quality.  In part, there was enough mindless reality programs to distract me.  Even better, there was some amazing reality tv to watch.  I know many won’t agree with me but some reality shows are, in my mind, as good as or better than many scripted programs.  A brilliant blindside on Survivor never gets old and beats out most of this fall’s new shows handily.  The fact that Project Runway showed up just as the strike started also helped things immensely.  But more than anything, I learned that, while I love the medium of television and will watch almost anything, my quality meter hasn’t been dulled.  I know what’s amazing television, what’s good television, what’s guilty pleasure television, and what’s trash that I still watch.  I’ve even been known to draw the line at some things.

*I would get back to watching these shows, except that I’m about to leave the country for research in April to be gone until well into 2009.  The majority of that time I’ll be in London (where I should have access to a shocking amount of US programming) but right as shows start to come back, I’m headed for a country in the global south for several weeks so access to tv will be limited.


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