I’ve moved into my friend’s place and am beginning the process of settling down. As I unpacked my clothes yesterday and hung them up, I realized it was the first time I had hung up clothes since March. I’ve been living out of my suitcases for two full months.

I spent yesterday unpacking and buying groceries and figuring out what’s where in this neighborhood. I’d planned to go to the archives but it became pretty clear by 11:30 that that wasn’t going to happen. I then made the somewhat controversial decision not to go to the archives at all this week. There’s a balance between forcing yourself to do things that need doing and pushing yourself into a state where you can’t do anything at all. I’m at that place where forcing myself to go to the archives might do more damage than good and taking a short period of time off isn’t a tragedy since I have such a long time remaining. That being said, I also have to keep in mind that five-plus months can go so quickly and I can’t let this slump extend indefinitely. So I’m paying attention to how I feel and honoring the fact that I’m in a serious slump here; I’ll indulge myself a bit but then next week, I must get to the archives. It’s imperative.


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