…and another plan ruined


I had this great plan when I moved to London.  I’d join the local public library and I’d be blissfully reading British fiction free of cost.  Who knew that public libraries here required proof of address, something I wouldn’t even have if I was renting out a room somewhere because my name wouldn’t be on bills or leases?  If they’re so worried about my not returning books, they could just take my credit card details or have me pay some sort of deposit.  So there goes my budget because I have to read and apparently I can’t do it in this stupid town.

It’s bullshit, just like this trip is bullshit.

I know it’s a really minor problem but it’s just one more in a really long string of disappointments.  Given the paralyzing mood I’ve been in over the past few weeks, not having the simple pleasure of reading books just adds to the funk.


One Response to “…and another plan ruined”

  1. 1 whitheramp

    if we both end up back in po-dunk mid-atlantic town in the near future, i’m going to be very annoyed. i think we both need to be more persistent and realize all the good city karma we surely must have built up over the last three yrs that’s just waiting to come into play.

    also, did you notice they STILL use the craig derosa, ryan conferido, and snow footage in the opening montage of sytycd???? LOVE it!

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