I survived day 1 and it’s actually been a productive day. I went to the archives, probably a little later than I wanted to but I still got four hours in comfortably. I did good work although I still need to figure how I’m going to combine transcribing documents with digital photos.

I also installed Freeview in my friend’s apartment after the archives today. Freeview is this free digital tv service that the Brits have. All you do is purchase a special receiver (it’s fairly inexpensive), hook it up to the tv through the cable that was providing the basic five channels, and turn it on. Within five minutes, you have over 30 channels plus radio channels. Yesterday I was down on the Brits for shutting down everything on a Sunday at 5; Cambridge was a ghost town by 5. Today I’m all about the British: where else can you get good quality digital tv with so little effort?


One Response to “results”

  1. Congrats on the productive day!

    As for hassle-free TV, you should try Turkey. It seems like everyone here has a satellite dish and a digital receiver (I think they go for $100-150). My in-laws got one a few years ago and they’ve had over 300 channels ever since w/o having to pay a dime after getting the receiver. We’re still using rabbit ears at our place, but that’s good enough to get about 25 channels.

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