day 2


Yesterday was less successful. I went to the archives, so I’ve not fallen off the wagon already. As boring as this sounds, I’ve been testing out different tables at the archives as I figure out how I’ll handle the notetaking: will I rely primarily on my laptop or my digital camera? Yesterday I worked at one of the table with camera stands, hoping that I’d be able to move seamlessly between typing and taking pictures. It didn’t work. While the people next to me were clicking away with their professional cameras, my tiny digital camera doesn’t focus quickly; taking pictures quickly is impossible. Instead of staying seated and reaching up to push the button, I was moving a 5-inch thick volume of correspondence back and forth, struggling to get the appropriate pages in view. Finally I gave up, relinquished my seat, ate lunch, and went home.

Today I’m not going to the archives; I’m having my weekly lunch with my friend/roommate. After I’ll explore St. John’s Wood, which I’ve been told has a lot of cute cafes where I’ll do some secondary reading.


One Response to “day 2”

  1. Sorry about the digital camera problem. I hope things get sorted out!

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