a major milestone


So that volume that I may have mentioned, the one that I’ve been reading at this one archive since my first research day in May? I’m done with it. Finally.

Actually that’s not completely accurate, I still have to take a photo of a large map but mentally I’m done with it. It only took me four months. Of course I haven’t actually been reading it for four full months but it probably has taken me around 15 sessions to get through it. And sadly, the volume only cover five weeks of material and my dissertation is not one where the time period is a year or two.

It’s a relief to get this one volume off my back. It took so long to get through for several reasons. My dissertation is a series of (at the moment) four case studies. The event that I’ve been researching (and the chapter that I’m supposed to start writing next Wednesday) was of such importance at the time that it took up the bulk of internal government correspondence for probably four months. So it is legitimately difficult to get through 500+ folios, the bulk of which is relevant to the project. I’m also figuring out how best to gather the information. I’m wary of using my digital camera because I find it difficult to motivate myself to read thousands of copies or photos but it could have easily taken me months to type the stuff. But in a lot of ways, getting through this volume was about a lot more than my research techniques.

The fact that I’ve gotten through the damn thing is a sign to me that I’m really and truly back to research, whatever that means. Now on to the next 600-folio volume covering another five weeks. Oh, this case study is a bitch.


2 Responses to “a major milestone”

  1. 1 whitheramp

    glad you’re back on track! i’m hoping to have a draft of my diss proposal to m. by mid-oct!

  2. 2 thefrogprincess

    send it my way when you get a chance!

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