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I’ve avoided talking politics on this blog up until this point for a few reasons. For one, I’m already getting too emotionally invested in the election and from personal history, that’s a very bad thing. Second, this isn’t a political blog and I didn’t want the purpose of the blog to get hijacked by too […]

moving on


Not a ton to report here. This week I was supposed to do work at the main archive after spending a week at the newspaper archive. But the main archive is over an hour away due to some pesky engineering works so if I’m not out of the house by a certain time, it’s just […]

Here’s how much it cost in time and money to get through 5 months worth of one newspaper for one chapter of my dissertation. £128.60, 242 photocopies, over 50 typed articles, six weeks of research (but not every day). Never again. As I’ve said, this chapter is the only one where the event in question […]

And finally, my thoughts on this season’s new offerings. In general, there’s a lot that’s good, although nothing is immediately as gripping as some of my favorite pilots (Lost, Desperate Housewives, and of course Alias). I should say that I haven’t watched any of the comedy premieres and probably won’t. I prefer drama. Life on […]

Here are my thoughts for a few more returning shows. Survivor: I had stopped watching Survivor after watching Survivor: Africa in college but got started again a few seasons ago when the sister of my favorite Project Runway contestant Nick Verreos was on Survivor: Fiji. That season was panned at the beginning but the very […]

I’m overdue for a post about television. Despite being in London, I’m pretty up-to-date with American television, although I have to admit, it’s weird getting geared up for a full 22-episode season of television. The British model of television is vastly different, based around much shorter seasons and miniseries; it has its merits and I’ve […]

So I wanted to follow up on something I wrote in a comment to yesterday’s post. I’m terrified of leaving here without enough data. When I came in the spring, my goal was to gather enough information to write two case studies (which may end up being three chapters), begin research on one of the […]