fall tv roundup, part 1


I’m overdue for a post about television. Despite being in London, I’m pretty up-to-date with American television, although I have to admit, it’s weird getting geared up for a full 22-episode season of television. The British model of television is vastly different, based around much shorter seasons and miniseries; it has its merits and I’ve gotten used to it. Keeping up with both British and American tv is basically a full-time job; it’s shocking that I’m doing it and going to the archives and writing (which I’m actually doing, btw.) So here’s my rundown of returning shows that I’m watching:

The Office: it’s losing a bit of steam for me although I love what’s happening with Jim and Pam

Grey’s Anatomy: Kevin McKidd needs to be on every episode; I’m so over Meredith and Derek.

Prison Break: I still don’t know why I’m still watching; actually yes I do (i love Amaury Nolasco) but this season’s new setup is inspired.

Kitchen Nightmares: Gordon Ramsay makes me laugh more than most comedies on television.

Dirty Sexy Money: I generally like anything that Blair Underwood’s in.

Private Practice: I actually like the new ethics spin and I actually love the chemistry between Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs (or maybe I just like Taye Diggs).

CSI Miami: so bad but so entertaining

Desperate Housewives: not much to say here; I watch every week; Lynette’s usually fantastic. Oh and the casting of her older twins was GENIUS.

Brothers and Sisters: Can’t stand the Walker fights but the portrayal of the relationships between Kevin and Scotty, and Kevin and Rebecca is great. Ron Rifkin needs to be given better plotlines as does Rachel Griffiths.

Gossip Girl: Chuck and Blair are amazing; Dan and Serena are tedious

One Tree Hill: only saw the first episode but I’ve been plugging on with this show for a while so I doubt I’ll stop now.

Pushing Daisies: I watch every week but for some odd reason I don’t love it as much as I want to. But I hear it may be in real trouble which is sad.

I’m sure I’ve missed quite a bit so there will be a part 2 as well as a roundup of the new stuff. Your thoughts?


6 Responses to “fall tv roundup, part 1”

  1. We don’t have a television now and gordon ramsey is one of the two things I really, really miss. Love him.

  2. 2 whitheramp

    um, project runway please? thanks.

  3. 3 thefrogprincess

    not watching at all. which i know is heresy. I watched the first three or four episodes and then fell off.

  4. I’m over Grey’s–used to love it, but now it just feels repetitive and tedious.

    I adore Pushing Daisies, so I hope it stays around for a while longer.

    Do you watch Chuck? It is my favorite new show from last year.

  5. 5 thefrogprincess

    I’m basically with you on Grey’s but Kevin McKidd injected some much needed life into the show so I’m still watching.

    I’ve only seen one episode of Chuck but everybody raves about it so I’ll have to give it another try one of these days.

  6. 6 whitheramp

    so not acceptable from you.

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