research economics revisited


Here’s how much it cost in time and money to get through 5 months worth of one newspaper for one chapter of my dissertation.

£128.60, 242 photocopies, over 50 typed articles, six weeks of research (but not every day).

Never again.

As I’ve said, this chapter is the only one where the event in question dominated so much of the government correspondence and newspaper coverage for so long…I think. But seriously, this cannot happen again.

In other news, I’ve been writing, only about 15-20 minutes a day, and I’ve racked up a fair amount. I’m not going to bore you with word counts but there’s no way I would have produced in one two-hour session (or longer) what I did over several painless short sessions. Obviously that’s not going to get a dissertation done but I do think it might be a good way to make some writing process while I’m doing archival research. The big thing that I’ve desperately wanted to avoid was returning to the US after a year plus of archival with no idea in the world what I have gathered and nothing written.


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