My weekend away with friends was good in the end, even if it was drama-filled all the way. Yesterday, on my way back, I ended up at the Coventry train station last night. It was a wretched day, cold, windy, and pouring, driving rain. As I went to the ticket machine, a young man stopped me begging for money to get home. Now I usually brush right past these people without any thought but for some reason, yesterday I really felt bad. But all I had was a £20 note, which he certainly wasn’t getting, and some euros. I told him I only had euros which would do him no good. Adding to the chaos was massive train delays and I was trying to figure out where and when my train was going to be. I then went to the information desk to see what was up with the trains and as I reached into my wallet while waiting to speak to the attendant, I realized that I had a £2 coin and a few smaller coins. So I decided to give him all the English coins I had since I’d still have my £20 bill. But because of the delays, the train was already on the platform and it wasn’t clear when exactly it was leaving so I looked around briefly, couldn’t find him, and then got onto the train. Of course the train was there for another forty-five minutes. I felt really bad on the train, I felt bad as we left, and I still feel bad now. I have no idea why.


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