inauguration tidbits


I watched the inauguration at the house of a high school friend. Like many of my friends from home, she’s conservative (to the point of praising Sarah Palin’s qualifications to be president and loving the job George Bush did as president) but, unlike most people from home, she voted for Obama (I’m not fully sure why) and she was more excited about his inauguration than I was. She lives with a woman who has three children and, in many respects, my friend is a surrogate mother to these children. Right as Obama was about to take the oath, she calls the children down to make sure they take in how important a moment today was. The following conversation took place between me, my friend, and the oldest child, a boy aged 10. Keep in mind that the mother of these children is rabidly anti-Obama (and much of her animus comes from his race).

My friend: You don’t have to like Obama, you don’t have to agree with his policies, but you need to appreciate how big a deal it is that a black man has become president for the first time in history.

10-year-old boy: Well, I just hope he doesn’t raise taxes.

Me (after much laughter): You’re too young to know what that means.

10-year-old boy: Stuff’s going to cost more.

My friend: You need to form your own opinion. Don’t just accept everything you hear.

Me: And, at any rate, you don’t make over $250,000, right?

10-year-old boy smiles and nods.

Me: So I think you’ll be fine. How much do you make?

10-year-old boy: Nothing.


2 Responses to “inauguration tidbits”

  1. i can honestly say i’m looking forward to the next eight years…

  2. 2 whitheramp

    that’s cute!

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