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Yesterday’s conversation with my dad. Keep in mind two things: I do not get along with my father although (because he’s delusional) he seems to think we have a good relationship and he’s been a great father. Thing two: virtually every morning since I’ve been at home (about two months) I’ve been woken up by our whistle kettle blowing for at least five minutes.

Yesterday morning, I boil water, turn the burner off when it boils, make tea, sit down in front of the tv in the family room. My dad’s puttering about in the kitchen. Suddenly I hear the kettle whistling vigorously, which makes no sense as I’d just turned the burner off. It whistles…and continues to whistle…and my dad is standing right next to it doing dishes and is doing nothing about the kettle. I walk in.

Me: Why is that still on?

My dad: I want the water hot.

Me: It’s hot. The water’s boiling.

My dad: Leave it on. I want the water hot.

I step back and turn to walk into the family room, disgusted.

My dad: Oh, and there’s something I want to show you. When I boil water, I turn it out away from the stove because the steam makes it hard to clean up here, makes it sticky. [note: one of our ovens is right above the stovetop.]

As though leaving the pan that he broiled ribs in three days ago in the bottom oven isn’t a violation of making things hard to clean and making things sticky.

Tell me why twenty minutes later, my dad’s coffee mug is just sitting on the counter by its lonesome, with coffee getting cold. Here’s the thing about hot water: it won’t get any hotter when you boil it, especially not when you have a whistle kettle that makes an obnoxious noise (THAT WAKES PEOPLE UP!!!!!). It will get colder though if you let it sit out undrunk for 20, 30 minutes.


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