should i give up?


Seeing how my adviser and I have had no communication since last spring, I tried to set up a meeting a few weeks ahead of a planned trip to my university. I mentioned the week I would be in town and suggested a date. That date didn’t work for my adviser, who then suggested a very specific time on a day the following week, when I will not be around, instead of suggesting another day when I will be around. From previous experience, I know better than to push the issue. I desperately need to meet with my adviser, preferably before I turn in a chapter; at this point, we’re so out of sync, I basically have no guidance and am writing a dissertation by myself. That won’t end well, I’m sure. But I can’t justify driving six or seven hours each way and spending money on a hotel just to have a short meeting that will likely be unsatisfactory. I’m on the verge of giving up the hope of ever having a working advising relationship. It’s really not in the cards for me.


5 Responses to “should i give up?”

  1. I’m sorry, no real advice. This sounds so frustrating! Is this typical of your department or just your adviser?

  2. 2 thefrogprincess

    No it’s not typical of the department, just my adviser. The situation I’m in at the moment is a bit unique because I’m based in my hometown in between research trips. Everybody tells me I should go to the meeting but I can’t help but worry that something will come up and my adviser will cancel while I’m en route. It’s happened before and the time suggested is a notoriously bad time.

  3. That really is a pain, but I would go to the meeting.

  4. Can you have a telephone meeting instead?

  5. 5 thefrogprincess

    I ended up asking for feedback via email, which should suffice for now until I finish a chapter.

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