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Wow, I never realized just how hideous the standard American diet is. But since I’ve returned from London, I’ve just eaten so horribly. Part of that is me, of course; I’ve never been one to back away from dessert (and I didn’t in London). And of course, I’m not walking nearly as much as I […]



Chapter done and sent!!! I probably won’t be doing much related to academe for a week or so. Blogging may be light.

I’ve pretty much given up, folks, after getting to the “open communication” phase with the only local man of color in my match list who filled out his entire profile. We started messaging back and forth on this site, at quite a quick pace for a day and then I haven’t heard anything from him […]

at the moment, I have no other outlet. I am tired of rushing through this chapter draft in the hope that my advisor will read it before I leave the country only to know that my advisor does not have my back in any way. Because now I’m writing in panic and I’m mentally drained […]

I’m still writing that chapter; I’m trying to be done with it in a week or so. Yesterday I printed the rambling prose, notes, and quotes that I’ve been doing while reading sources. It’s 120 pages. So here’s the goal for this week: to boil down 120 pages of scattered and disorganized chaos into a […]

Maybe it’s because I’m on a high from the Australian Open final (yay Rafa!) but this post (and the subsequent comments), over at Historiann’s blog, struck a nerve with me. Without revealing too much, I can say that I went to a university where sports were a vital part of the college experience. If you […]

A real response from one of my matches on eharmony (grammar corrected by me). The prompt: One thing only [so-and-so’s] best friends know is: Answer: When I get too drunk, I get too sleepy and start harassing females. Lovely.