adventures in online dating, part 2


I’ve pretty much given up, folks, after getting to the “open communication” phase with the only local man of color in my match list who filled out his entire profile. We started messaging back and forth on this site, at quite a quick pace for a day and then I haven’t heard anything from him in a week and a half. I can’t be bothered so instead I may be getting back into the “unhealthy relationship” I’ve mentioned before. It’s not actually a relationship and he’s totally wrong for me but at the moment, he’s the only game in town (even though he’s actually not in town) and he’s the only guy who’s been interested in me in the past ten years so sue me.

But that’s not what this post is really about. It’s really about this gem of a statement I read on a recent match I received, in response to the question “one thing you are most passionate about.”

“I am passionate about my partner having a nice, full, round badonkadonk.”

Speechless, I am.


One Response to “adventures in online dating, part 2”

  1. Well, I guess it’s better to be passionate about “a nice, full, round badonkadonk,” than not being passionate about anything at all. 😉

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