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I just spent fifteen minutes watching the video of a Dallas police officer who held NFL player Ryan Moats in a hospital parking lot for running a red light while the man’s mother-in-law died. The video is a must-watch, in my opinion. There are a few points at which this incident went horribly wrong. The […]

on wading


I have two related thoughts about dissertation stuff, now that I’m working on another chapter. For this chapter, research and writing are happening at the same time, which is a bit of a new thing. Thought 1: Research. Unlike last summer, I’m approaching my archival work with much more of a grab and go mentality. […]

People who know me in real life, but especially my friends from college, know that I’m completely against running to catch any kind of public transportation. In part, my refusal to run comes from my own overdeveloped sense of “decorum,” cultivated by my parents, and I’ll go out of my way not to be in […]

I’m pretty sure I just saw a pickpocket for the first time in my life. I was sitting in a chain cafe on a busy street in my London neighborhood. A young man came in and just seemed off from the start: he was slowly moving around the seating area with no real purpose. Seats […]

so i’m back


…across the pond. I’m exhausted: that’s pretty self-explanatory. I’m irritated: either I got stuck with a newbie immigrations officer hoping for his first big bust or Britain is REALLY clamping down. And, on a side note, US immigration really needs to stamp the passports when US citizens return from overseas. Every time. I’m anxious: this […]

starting again


Still a lot going on on my end. I ended up having the meeting with my advisor which went surprisingly well. I got a lot of good feedback and I finally have some sense of direction. So yay!!! Still there’s much to be done, including the vast majority of research for the project (which is […]

There’s a lot going on in my life at the moment and since I find it difficult to blog about my professional/personal life when my thoughts are so chaotic, it’s time for a pop culture post. Now bear with me: I know American Idol is a reality show and a moneymaking venture. But it’s also […]