starting again


Still a lot going on on my end. I ended up having the meeting with my advisor which went surprisingly well. I got a lot of good feedback and I finally have some sense of direction. So yay!!! Still there’s much to be done, including the vast majority of research for the project (which is why there’s a lot going on over here).

I’m supposed to be working on another chapter but I’ve just not been able to get going. Part of it was fatigue, part of it is the other stuff that’s going on, part of it is legitimate concerns about how little research I’ve done on this particular section. But there was a moment earlier this week when I planned to start reading sources and I just couldn’t do it. I’m not particularly worried about my progress as a whole; after all, I’m not as disillusioned as I was last summer and I’m relatively excited about my dissertation. But it seems to me that I could be handling this transition much better than I am. If figuring out how to write chapters is important, it seems figuring out how to do so without having to take a full month off afterwards is more important.


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