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life in London


It’s been a weird day. First I was taking the tube today and someone with mental difficulties (perhaps some kind of autism) sat two seats away from me. He was listening to music with headphones and whatever challenges he has manifested themselves in fairly wild gesticulations by which he hit seats around him and the […]

a lull


Not a ton going on here. There’s a lot to be done writingwise and researchwise and I don’t know how to strike the right balance. The project is tricky so research isn’t quite cumulative. That is, each chapter stands alone so having enough research to write one chapter doesn’t mean that I have enough research […]

The archives just aren’t happening today. I have a lot of moments like this morning when I wake up and I’m just not going anywhere. Today, I’m helped by the wretched weather; easily the worst day of rain since I’ve been here. It’s been a pleasant surprise that this England spring has been relatively rain […]



I’m not comfortable with a drastic upward spike in readership that has no clear source.

[I’ve been thinking about writing on gay marriage for the past few months and with recent events now’s as good a time as any.] In the seven or eight years since I left my isolated and highly conservative home (made all the more so by my mother’s strange brand of punitive Christianity), I’ve come to […]

my lazy streak


My live-in landlady has returned to her Eastern European country of origin for a few weeks. The weird person who rents the other room is out of town for three or four days for a conference. I have a multilevel London flat to myself. I’ve been fighting a bad cold since Monday. Is it any […]