just one of them days


The archives just aren’t happening today. I have a lot of moments like this morning when I wake up and I’m just not going anywhere. Today, I’m helped by the wretched weather; easily the worst day of rain since I’ve been here. It’s been a pleasant surprise that this England spring has been relatively rain free for the past four weeks or so. Of course if I had my pair of wellies, I’d be all for going out. But sadly they’re still at home b/c my father still hasn’t sent them, despite my telling him to send them to me as I was packing for this trip, five weeks ago.

Perhaps I’m being too casual about not going to the archives as regularly as I should. I constantly wonder what it means for me that I’m an historian (in training) who doesn’t love the archives. It’s weird: I take materials from the archives extremely seriously in my writing and I enjoy writing from archival documents but I hate sitting there in the archives, photographing away, for hours, surrounded by elderly genealogists.

Unlike my last big trip to London, I now have something to do that takes away the guilt when I don’t go to the archives. I’m working on a second chapter, which has the potential to swallow up my energies for the next several months if I’m not careful. But I do have to keep in mind the fact that my time here is limited and, while writing can happen at any time, this research needs to be done by early September.

On to writing…after Loose Women…


One Response to “just one of them days”

  1. 1 whitheramp

    yay for chapter two! i’m getting to the point where i have tons of ideas for my second chapter and really need to sit down to write it, but i have too many things to do in the last two weeks of April, so i won’t get to it until May. can’t wait for the semester to be over so i can focus solely on research, writing, and SYTYCD.

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