the story continues…


I’m still enthralled with this year’s UK Big Brother, to the detriment of my sleep and research. At the moment, I’m fascinated by a hot-cold something-between-friends-and-lovers relationship between my favorite housemate (a Geordie) from the beginning of the show and a Brazilian student. Actually now, I think they’re closer to boyfriends than friends. Anyway, the situation I described in my last post did reach a conclusion. When I last wrote, Irish Lass and Iranian Fashionisto had begun spending quality time together under the nose of Wolverine, who’d been busy trying to outwit Hot Guy, who he saw as the true threat.

It turned out that Irish Lass did have a thing for Hot Guy. She was more attracted to him than she was to Iranian Fashionisto, despite the fact that she’d been kissing the latter. To make things worse, Iranian Fashionisto had truly fallen for her, to the point where he saw himself marrying her. (He also had had a girlfriend at the time, who he effectively broke up with on television.) The same night Irish Lass told Wolverine that she and Iranian Fashionisto had a little thing going, she tried to tell the latter that they were just friends with benefits. (She neglected to mention her feelings for Hot Guy, of course.)

Meanwhile, another housemate (who has turned out to be even worse than Irish Lass) told Hot Guy that Irish Lass didn’t like him and that she had something going on with Iranian Fashionisto. This was patently untrue, and while it wasn’t this housemate’s place to tell him the truth, she certainly didn’t need to lie either. A few nights later, Hot Guy, who was one of the more normal contestants this season, couldn’t be bothered to stay any longer. And so, a day after brilliantly taking down Wolverine in a verbal duel, he left the Big Brother House.

With Hot Guy no longer there for her to crush on, Irish Lass continued to spend time cozying up to Iranian Fashionisto, even though she knew his feelings were stronger than hers. In conversations with other housemates, she even went as far as to say that it didn’t matter if his girlfriend showed up because they were together. Even up to this point, I had no real issues with her; being in that house must be like being in a pressure cooker so some bad decisions are bound to happen. But finally, she went beyond the pale.

For weeks, I’d seen rumors that her ex-boyfriend of MTV reality show fame was going to be entering the house. He had some legal complications and it took them longer to let him into the house than expected. Had he gone in when first planned, Iranian Fashionisto wouldn’t have been in the picture. But once he and Irish Lass had started a little something, I thought it was irresponsible for the producers to send in American Boyfriend. But they’re not concerned with ethics, or even with the possibility that contestants might flee the scene and so he went in.

The second Irish Lass saw her ex, Iranian Fashionisto ceased to exist for her. She was back with American Boyfriend without a thought for the broken man she’d left behind. The real issue wasn’t that she went back to the ex-boyfriend she’d been talking about all season; it was that when he showed up, she didn’t even so much as throw a glance Iranian Fashionisto’s way, let alone speak to him. American Boyfriend, on the other hand, went outside to speak to the dejected housemate within the hour. Irish Lass didn’t speak to him until the next day. And that’s where me, and apparently the rest of the country, parted ways with her. Unfortunately for her, she was already up for eviction against Wolverine. Ever since she’d told him about her dalliance with Iranian Fashionisto, he’d been sulking in a corner for days. When American Boyfriend came in, Wolverine sprang back to life, claiming that he’d seen her for who she was and providing some false comfort for Iranian Fashionisto. It’s a testament to how loathed he was at the time that she was only evicted by 60% of the vote. Had she been up against anybody else, she would have been well into the 80-90% range.

American Boyfriend left an hour after she was evicted, claiming that he wanted my favorite housemate to win. But really he was in an impossible position. While he fit in surprisingly well with the housemates, the situation was so wretched that he would have been doomed, yet another reason why he should have entered when planned or not at all. He was tainted by the fact that she’d been so horrible to Iranian Fashionisto, even though he’d been nothing but reasonable. He would have been a goner the next week anyway.

As for Wolverine, he’s somehow managed to recuperate his image in the public eye and two weeks ago he saw off a wildly popular housemate who had been the bookies’ favorite to win for weeks. Nobody in the world thought Wolverine was going to stay; now he has a decent shot at winning. Iranian Fashionisto became another favorite, benefiting from sympathy over how Irish Lass treated him. But in the past week or so, he’s grown tiresome as he’s continued to refuse to participate in the nominations process that determines the people up for the public vote. He claims he’s not nominating because he wants to take himself out of the game (although he wants to stay in the house). He thinks continuing to have the public keep him in is the best way of doing this. Only problem is that every time he refuses to nominate, other housemates face the axe as punishment for his misdeeds. It all came to a head a few days ago when my fav lit into him over it. When Iranian Fashionisto tried to claim the high ground by prattling on about his moral code, my fav reminded him that he’d in fact cheated on his girlfriend on national television. Great stuff.

As it happened, Iranian Fashionisto miscalculated. According to his tortured logic, he couldn’t nominate because if he nominated the person he wanted to, that person would have received more votes than him and he wanted to ensure he was in the mix. By not nominating, he believed he and this other person would have the same number of votes, putting them in the eviction lineup along with Wolverine. Not so fast, Iranian Fashionisto. This other contestant was never going to be up because Iranian Fashionisto had received enough votes before he pulled this unnecessary nominations stunt. Oops. So this week either he or Wolverine’s out.

The house all think my favorite is going to win, largely because he has a very tragic medical situation in his family. I’d love him to win (and I loved him from the start before I found out about the situation) but I don’t think he will. Viewers seem to be quite turned off by his jokey demeanor and the way he often pushes pranks too far. He’s also suffering from unflattering editing that reduces his arguments with the Brazilian to the moments of explosive rage at the exclusion of what provoked these incidents, the aftermath of them, or even the basic timeline of when they fight and when they’ve made up. If I weren’t one of the losers losing sleep because I watch overnight live feed, I’d miss how complicated and genuine their situation is or how my fav means well but is a bit misguided and insecure. (In fact, because of a particularly abysmal edit two weeks ago, I’m even more cynical about reality tv than I already was.) There are only about ten days left and it’s still all to play for. My best guess is that either the Brazilian or Wolverine will win. If Wolverine hangs on this week, I see him potentially going all the way.


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