In the last 24 hours, I’ve heard what I think is a mouse (or at least I hope that’s all it is) rattling around in the walls of my new apt. This is going to be a problem. It’ll be even more of a problem if it’s a rodent worse than a mouse. It’s going to be a massive problem if it’s coming into the property through the small hole for the water pipes to the washing machine. Of course this happens when my landlady is out of town. (I live in a private apt that’s part of her family home. Her husband’s here but generally I handle my business through her.) The mouse was one problem. The other is that there’s a possibility that my bedroom could be overrun by swarming ladybugs. Most of the windows in my house are pretty well-sealed but one of the ones in my room has the air conditioner unit and so doesn’t have quite the tight seal it should. Three or so bugs trickled in…definitely not a huge problem but the potential of an overrun is a huge problem. I bought some caulk and tried to patch up any obvious gaps but who knows…

And it was all going so well with the apartment.


One Response to “sigh…”

  1. 1 Kristen Epps

    I HATE ladybugs! I came home from a conference last week–and my apartment doors and windows had been shut the whole week–but I still had those buggers inside.

    I hope that your rattling noises are not from a rodent and that it gets resolved quickly!

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