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An interesting conversation over at Historiann’s in which I’ve been properly roasted has reminded me of what’s becoming a really ugly part of my personality: the degree to which I’ve become unbelievably jaded and cynical.  I used to be cheerful and optimistic but that’s long gone, courtesy of huge traumas my senior year of high […]



What’s going on with Nigel? He seems more off than usual this season. Ryan’s the best ballroom dancer ever to dance contemporary? What about Lacey’s first Mia Michaels routine? Nathan could be one of the best dancers ever on the show? So much for Jakob in this season alone to say nothing about Danny Tidwell […]

For what’s ostensibly an academic blog, there’s been very little in the way of academic topics for the past few months. Part of that is probably because the kind of stuff I’m supposed to be working on at this stage in my program is so specific that I can’t really write about it. If I’m […]

So at the end of August, I had a few posts about my summer obsession, the UK’s version of Big Brother, but I never wrote about the conclusion. It was pretty anticlimatic. Wolverine may have played the best game but he was voted out the week before the finale and Iranian Fashionisto stayed. After being […]

sarah palin


Michiko Kakutani’s review of Sarah Palin’s book has a paragraph that sums up precisely why I found the success she met within certain ranks of the Republican party so troubling. It wasn’t her brand of conservatism, one that I’m pretty familiar with. It wasn’t her background. I was repulsed by the way she tried to […]

I just had the most ridiculous conversation with a friend of mine. He and I are huge fans of So You Think You Can Dance and have been from season 1, which was roughly when we met each other. So we’ve been talking about the same contestants and dances ad nauseum for years and we […]

I can’t blog about this but I wanted to have a placeholder here that registers what has happened, no matter how obliquely. Suffice it to say, I have been dropped into the graduate school shit once again, without warning and without reason. I’m distraught, I’m angry, I’m bitter, and I’m starting not to care about […]