because it’s never too late to finish a story you started two months ago…


So at the end of August, I had a few posts about my summer obsession, the UK’s version of Big Brother, but I never wrote about the conclusion.

It was pretty anticlimatic. Wolverine may have played the best game but he was voted out the week before the finale and Iranian Fashionisto stayed. After being saved one last time by the public, Iranian Fashionisto became even more insufferable. On the night of the finale, with five contestants remaining, the Brazilian was evicted first, to the shock of the house and to the shock of the less than 2 million Brits who watched. My favorite followed him in fourth. The final two were Iranian Fashionisto and the other girl, who’d been the best friend of the Brazilian. She won, with 75% of the national vote, the highest winning percentage ever.

Things got more interesting after the show was over. Irish Lass and her American Ex had broken up by the time of the reunion show and rumors spread that she was dating Hot Guy. From what I can tell, that’s all over. My favorite Geordie and the Brazilian dated for a hot minute (about a month maybe) and then things ended. Who knows why, who cares, but it seemed ugly.

Next summer is the last season of Big Brother in the UK; in all likelihood, I won’t be there but I’m sure I’ll be following intently from afar. But if this past season had to be the last season I watch onsite, then I’ve done well. The season was spectacular; the end may have been a bit of a snooze but the middle six weeks were among the best six weeks of reality television. What was the key? Unlike the US version, the UK version has had a tendency to hunt out the strangest, oddest people they can find. There’s a certain novelty value to that approach but it’s really annoying to watch strange people for 13 or 14 weeks. This season, they had the requisite amount of strange people but most of them were evicted relatively early on, leaving behind people who may have had outsized personalities but were largely recognizable. Better yet, the standard hot guy was evicted early as well. He’d been in a fledging “relationship” with the girl who won. She wouldn’t have won if he’d stayed much longer; neither would my favorite, who was close friends with him. Instead of the tedious relationships between some hot guy and some boring girl, it was women who had the power this season (Irish Lass and another even more poisonous contestant). That made for much more interesting viewing.


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