danishes makes everything better


This semester has been brutal. There’s been a nasty combination of events:  moving back to the US; difficulties with certain faculty members have ballooned into a virtually unworkable situation; and a recent physical injury that has left me temporarily housebound and reminds me just how isolated I am. When emergency strikes, I’ve got no one. (My friends have come through like pros but nobody that I’m really really close to lives within an hour of my university. My family remains useless: the one person I thought I could turn to decided to be extremely passive-aggressive so that person’s now off the list.)

I’m skipping over a lot of the details here for the usual privacy reasons but trust me when I say, my dissertation is hanging in the balance. Quitting isn’t an option: I’ve got nowhere to go and I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself for failing. But it’s pretty much impossible to move forward. And so I’m stuck. And it’s awful. I’m coping (barely) but only by being utterly lazy and watching a shitload of television. (And since we’re in the middle of the holiday television lull, this is requiring a lot of creativity to watch television all day. The Vampire Diaries marathon last week helped a ton; thank goodness I hadn’t watched this season so far.)

Lucky for me then that the Danish band Alphabeat released a new single in the UK this fall and that I’ve listened to fairly religiously as my mood’s gotten darker and darker. Alphabeat hasn’t cracked the US yet (and may never) but they were big in the UK summer 2008. I love this band, despite all reason. So since I’ve got nothing good to say (and because of that, I’ve also stopped talking to most of my friends), I’ll leave you with their new single, “The Spell.” Let me be clear, there is nothing ironic about this music. This is straight up fluffy, joyous, infectious pop. So if that’s not your thing (and I don’t really know how it’s mine), you have my permission to steer clear. But, if you can get past the blond male co-lead vocalist’s bounding around, it’s great pop! And the main vocalist, Stine, is pretty fab.

And if you love that, here’s the best single from their 2008 album This is Alphabeat, “Fascination.” Enjoy!


One Response to “danishes makes everything better”

  1. 1 The History Enthusiast

    I’m sorry that you’ve had a rough semester 😦

    Is there any chance that you can change dissertation directors? If you need to brainstorm, just let me know and we can talk on FB. I’m sorry your family hasn’t come through for you, and I hope your health problems are resolved quickly.

    I really enjoyed the YouTube videos! Lately I’ve gotten into that kind of pop that just makes you feel better…the Glee soundtrack does that for me.

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