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When did we turn the corner so that the idea that we should continue to torture suspected or actual terrorists and deny them the rights we give to citizens was no longer in-house Republican mutterings or Dick Cheney’s point of view but became part of the national platform that is referred to in the Republican […]

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Welcome to any new readers I may have picked up with last week’s post on academia, graduate students, and the job market! Keep stopping by and commenting! Those of you who have read this blog for a while have likely picked up on the fact that things haven’t been so great for the past few […]

It’s that time of year again, folks. The perfect storm of MLA/AHA meetings/interviews and graduate school applications have once again thrown up a series of blog posts about how to deal with the fact that graduate schools churn out significantly more PhDs than jobs available, particularly in the difficult-to-transition-into-the-nonacademic-world fields of English and history, departments […]

My Republican friend, with whom I’ve had spirited but good-natured political debates for the past ten years, and I had another political conversation yesterday, in which we probably disagreed more than normal. Then there was this gem. Republican friend: Where is the conservative intelligentsia? Me: Where is the intelligentsia, period?