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Here’s what sucks about graduate school: I’m pissed off. I’m really pissed off. These people don’t give two shits about me. They never have. I want them to recognize that they screwed me over, they abandoned me, and I kept plugging along despite them. I got myself through coursework, I got myself through exams, I […]

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A few weeks back, I sorta talked around the fact that I’ve been having major departmental problems and a few of you (Anastasia and The History Enthusiast) suggested that I seek out the university ombudsperson. In continued vague detail, here’s what happened. In consultation with an old mentor of mine from another university, I’d developed […]

This will likely come as quite the surprise to my readers but I actually like James Mulholland’s rejoinder in the Chronicle to the Thomas Benton piece I linked to a few weeks back. In it, Mulholland endorses the “life of the mind” and the idea that people should approach the humanities because they love what […]



I have got to stop getting involved in these conversations about academia/job market. These conversations go nowhere because, for some strange reason, so many people are convinced that the only thing that’s wrong is the dicey job market. Other than that, everything’s just the luck of the draw. So the fact that people with a […]



I have moments like this every few months, where I look around at the people in my program, I roam through the blogosphere, and I wonder what the hell I’m doing in a field where people think so radically different from me. Not in a productive sense or in an intellectual sense but in a […]