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It’s been a shitty, shitty, shitty summer, a brilliant way to cap off a shitty shitty year. Everything that could go wrong has; everything that couldn’t go wrong has gone wrong too. (And I mean my life in general here, not just graduate school.) I’ve had some rough times in the past, folks, trust me […]

the AC wars


So this will be quick but: Historiann’s hosting a conversation about the merits (or more accurately, the demerits) of air conditioning. These conversations touch a nerve with me and I’ve been hearing a lot of them lately as people try to convince themselves that their misery during the recent heatwave is for some higher good. […]

the pattern


So there’s a pattern in my work. The pattern has always existed. Periods of good productivity followed by spells where I cannot work at all. I’ve written about this before. But now the balance has shifted; I’m unable to work more than I’m able to. This chapter, for example: I wrote it, it was a […]

I just wrote an incredibly bitter and raw post but then thought better of it at the last minute. To recap: I was in an amazing summer seminar; it was confirmed that I’ve learned nothing of importance in the last five years and so now in addition to writing a dissertation, I have to train […]