a rant


So this is a minor, minor thing but it’s irking me so I’m blogging about it.

I’ve got fat fingers. They don’t really look fat; they’re long so that mitigates the fatness aspect. And I think what makes them “fat” is more the size of my knuckles than anything else.

I wouldn’t care about my fat fingers except that they’re so big that they don’t fit into rings. By rings, I don’t mean expensive rings that get sized. I mean the cheap rings that you buy at the Gap or Target or Express or at a street fair or at Camden Market or Covent Garden.

This wouldn’t be a problem either, except that I really really love those kinds of rings.

So for the past six years or so, I’ve been on the hunt for a cheap ring that I like that fits my fingers. And I’ve had little luck. I bought a wood ring in Puerto Rico six years ago that fit and a few months later it fell down the air conditioning vent in my house. A friend of mine bought me a beautiful glass ring and that fits nicely but it’s just one ring and it’s not the kind of ring you wear daily. That’s really what I want. A ring that can be worn daily. The same friend bought me a wooden ring that’s gorgeous but doesn’t really fit my finger. On days I really want to wear it, it rests between the first and second knuckle, which isn’t really the best of looks, but I felt bad. I loved the ring (I’m an especially big fan of wooden rings) and she was convinced it would fit.

Last week, I purchased a cheap ring at my favorite clothing store. It was a wide chain silver band that had a slight bit of give/elastic so whereas size 9 usually doesn’t fit, this time it did. This ring was gorgeous. I put it on my wedding finger, which is where I tend to wear what few rings fit. (Combination of not liking to wear rings on my right hand and my middle finger being beyond hope, sizewise.)

I got compliments on this ring. It looked amazing.

I was out of town this weekend and enroute home, I took my ring and watch off to go through the security checkpoint at the airport. I put both of them in the bin along with my other stuff. The bin tipped over in the scanning machine. Both objects fell out. They only found my watch.

Yes, folks. TSA managed to lose my possessions in the space of a yard. The woman waffled on about how they could give me a claims form (as if, for an $8 ring) but failed to give a good reason why they can lose my shit in the space of 30 seconds and in the distance of 1 yard in what is for the most part a contained space.

So I’m thinking…fine. I’ll buy another one at the store. They had at least two more of my size when I was last there.

Oh but no. My branch didn’t have it. They called another branch that didn’t have it. And I traveled to another store today, which didn’t have it. I really don’t have time for these trips to other cities but the store’s rotating out its jewelry and so the window is closing. Can’t buy this thing online either.

Again, I know this is minor. But it’s very symptomatic. When I finally get something I want, something random and shitty happens and then it vanishes. I had the perfect ring for 4 days and now I’ll be searching for the next six years for another one.


3 Responses to “a rant”

  1. 1 Anastasia

    They lost your ring in the space of a yard???? that is so totally weak and yet totally predicable somehow for TSA. I feel so safe, don’t you?

  2. 2 thefrogprincess

    oh exactly. and the woman had the nerve to be offended when I pointed this out to her. “Well we’ve been looking…we just can’t find it.” It’s like, honey, you shouldn’t have lost it in the first place.

    Funny enough, this airport has installed the new body scanners, which actually means you have to take off even more (wallets/billfolds, anything in the pockets). I don’t have a moral objection to them (although maybe I should) but again, master the basics first, please—a la don’t lose my shit–before you move on to more advanced techniques.

  3. 3 The History Enthusiast

    I’m sorry to hear that 😦 I just went through an airport with that scanner (perhaps the same one you’re talking about) and they seemed really disorganized. Thankfully I didn’t have to walk through the scanner.

    Sadly I have the opposite problem…none of those stores carry rings small enough for me. I have bought some of those rings with the stretchy band, so maybe you could try that. They are usually too big for me, but they seem to expand.

    Charlotte Russe has cute rings, and if you want to FB me your ring size and preferences I can keep an eye out and send you some!

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