the new year


Not a lot to say, really. I’m laid up with a 24 hour stomach bug, which is just loads of fun.

I don’t really do resolutions and I’m not going to start now. But 2010 was a pretty horrid year, and so 2011 can only be better.

I don’t care what it takes, but this will be my last year in grad school. And whether I get a job, or a postdoc, or I sign up to work at Starbucks, 2011 will involve the largest amount of change in my life since graduating from college.

Happy New Years to all!


4 Responses to “the new year”

  1. 1 Deborah

    Happy New Year to you, too! I couldn’t agree more that 2011 can only get better (and I say this even as I am contemplating the choice between continuing to adjunct this spring and accepting a better-paying position as a secretary).

    Have you seen this blog yet: ? The conversations there remind of some of the conversations that have happened over here in the past. I’m finding them somewhat cathartic and have been commenting as “recent Ph.D.”

  2. 2 Deborah

    Oops, don’t know why the URL doesn’t show up above:

  3. 3 thefrogprincess

    That’s such a damning statement: “the choice between continuing to adjunct this spring and accepting a better-paying position as a secretary.”

    I’ve been having this conversation with some of my non-academia friends over the past few months. Some of them really don’t get it and either insist things will work out or suggest that I check out “x” opportunity that has absolutely nothing to do with academia and would mean admitting failure sooner than I’m willing to do it. But others do get it and have said things like, “I just had no idea professors could be so poorly paid.”

    I haven’t seen that blog but it’ll be great procrastination material.

  4. 4 Deborah

    Yeah, damning indeed that somebody is willing to pay me more to answer the phone and keep a calendar than to use my brain and the skills I’ve spent a decade refining. Adjuncting 4/4 at my current place would pay just under 32K. The secretary job pays 35K, plus raises and blonuses for “good performance,” whatever that means. Showing up on time? Not misplacing files? And I was only offered 2 classes to teach this spring, in spite of good performance, unless enrollments change or someone quits before the semester starts. I’m hoping I am the one who can quit…the second interview for the secretary job is next week.

    Over the last few months, I have decided that quitting is not the same as failure, because it’s just not my fault (or yours!) that academia is as fucked up as it is. This year was my second year on the market, and I’ve already gotten rejection letters saying I was one of 600+ candidates. That’s worse than last year. What’s one to do? Adjunct until next year when there will be 700+ candidates? I’m sure a lot of people will, but I need an exit strategy. Maybe when I quit, I’ll finally get around to starting my own blog: “Life after Grad School: Why I Quit Academia and Became a Secretary.”

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